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Case Study: Jaz the mini dachshund

Before Treatment


Jaz came to for sessions at ACH as she had lost the use of her legs, bladder and tail after some trauma to her discs in her back. The vets had tried cortisone and anti-inflammatory but after no improvement, the owners decided to try some natural therapies. We used Bowen therapy, stretching and homoeopathics in her treatment program.

During Treatment


This was Jaz's second treatment: She was extreme tender along her back and could not use her back legs by her self. After her first treatment from ACH, Jaz was starting to get her bladder motion and the use of her tail back. Jaz continued coming once a month and had 7 treatments to get full use of her hind legs back. The owners were doing stretches and using homoeopathics in between treatments.

After Treatment


Jaz was originally a show dog who was semi retired when she developed her back problem. This is Jaz being stack on the table in show position, three years after the vet's suggest putting her to sleep due to her back problem.

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