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How many treatments are required? 

Each case is assessed individually and treated accordingly. One treatment can often bring relief to initial symptoms. However, most conditions require a course of treatments. With chronic issues, a more intensive program is recommended.

Who can benefit from a Bowen treatment?

Bowen therapy works effectively on many problems and is safe to use on all animals and people, including the elderly, young babies and those recovering from surgery. Bowen therapy helps to encourage the body's healing process.

How can Bowen be used to help a horse and rider?

Horses as well as their riders can suffer from muscular pain and physical problems leading to uneven muscle development that often leads to stiffness and other issues. By balancing the bodies of both horse and rider, the causes of muscular pain are combated, better health maintained, and performance optimised.

How can other forms of treatment, such as myopractic and energy healing, enhance a Bowen treatment? 

At All Creatures Healing, the belief is that a holistic approach and combination of treatments is the most effective way to address and correct imbalances in the body. While Bowen provides the base for treatments, elements of energy healing and myopractic enhance treatments by allowing the practitioner to treat on the mental, physical and emotional levels, drawing on knowledge and training in variety of treatment forms.