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Maddy & Shirley

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend the services of Sylvana Miller, Senior Bowen Therapist, All Creatures Healing for both people and horses. Sylvana has been treating me with much success for over three years for various musculoskeletal complaints and ME/CFS and fibromyaligia. Sylvana is is a very gifted, empathic and talented practitioner who takes the time to look at and treat you in a holistic manner. Sylvana has also treated my 15 year old pony Waler mare,Maddy, with great success. Maddy has gone from being a resistant, stiff remedial pony to being happy, talented and exuberant pony in her school work. She loves her treatments, finds them very relaxing and is always in good spirits and very playful afterwards. You can really see the difference in her demeanour. Sylvana is only too happy to share her knowledge and advice and I am very grateful for all her help and advice over the last few years.

Robyn. S

I would just like to commend you on your fantastic work you do with Bowen Therapy. Strangely that this may sound, but my body longs to have Bowen therapy. As you know I was unable to come for six month and found that when I did go back my body just screamed out with thanks. It's amazing the impact that this therapy has on your mind and body. Not only does it make you feel better and more focused, but, I am more flexible.

I have suffered greatly with bursitis in my upper leg and I have had injections to combat the severe pain and disability it has caused. Much to my disappointment this did not work. The pain was so bad, that I was unable to go up any incline or up stairs.

It wasn't until I started having Bowen therapy, that I noticed a great improvement in,  not only the pain I was in, but the mobility of that joint. For instant, before the treatment I was unable to sit on the floor and cross my legs and was in severe pain. Now with having the Bowen therapy, I am now able to sit comfortably on the floor cross legged without pain. I can now also go up stairs without any trouble. WOW!!! What a difference this has made.The treatment has not only helped my bursitis, but I suffer with severe headaches and by going to Bowen it has lessen the intensity and the frequency of my headaches.Thanks so much for giving me my freedom back.

Sam. S

Awesome and much need bowen treatment this morning with All Creatures Healing.. thanks Sylvana Miller!!! :)

Ruth J

I cannot sing praises loud enough for Sylvana. Her Bowen Therapy sessions are amazing as is her energy and respect for life. My 9 year old arthritic dog has now also had a couple of massages (and loves them!) and is continuing to reap the benifits. He is a lot calmer, no longer suffers from hot, red, inflamed skin and can now walk with all 4 paws on the ground. We are both also taking some mineral salts and are loving our health imrovements. Hats off to 'All Creatures Healing'!

Tyana. L

I really appreciate all your work with Bluefields Furstin Reveal. You are in integral part of her rehabilitation. Plus now my clients are able to appreciate your services.


 ACH Courses

Teresa. R - Had a great day at the Horse Owners Stretching Course at All Creatures Healing Thanks again Sylvana Miller. :-)

Te. N - I did a stretching course with sylvana today, was fantastic! crispin will benifit so much from it :)